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3 step process to get you the price for the job you are after.

Step 1:

Select the thickness of board you need

  • 4mm Correx
    • 6months lifespan
  • 6mm Correx
    • 12months lifespan
  • 3mm Foamex
    • 2 years lifespan
  • 5mm Foamex
    • 4 years lifespan
  • 3mm Dilite / Dibond
    • 7 years lifespan

Step 2:

Select the finish you need

  • No Laminate
    • Laminate is only recommended for print going outdoors for a period over 6 months and for print in places where extra protection is needed (it prevents print being easily scratched / marked)
  • Gloss Laminate
    • We always recommend Gloss Laminate for outdoor use, yet it is customer specific….some prefer the glossy finish compared with others. A lot of photographers use gloss indoors as it means customers can’t take pictures of their work due to the light reflecting back off the print.
  • Matt Laminate
    • Matt is always recommended for indoor use, as well-lit areas can create glare off print which has been gloss laminated.
  • Crystal Laminate
    • Crystal Laminate is a luxury laminate product; we use it as standard with our pop-ups due its hard wearing nature. Crystal laminate is actually designed for use on anti-slip floors – testament to its durability.


Step 3:

Select the size you are after….this is completely bespoke to you.

We can print up to 1.5 metres wide and up to 4 metres long.

Our printer software allows us to tile your artwork to be printed into smaller more manageable blocks of print, which can be fitted next to each other on site… a 10 metre long display can be printed in 10 x 1 metre wide boards, easily transportable and fitted next to each other on site.

Additional Extras:

Print Monkey can go that little bit further with your print request if you so wish…..the following extras are available.

Radius Corners:

Finish your board with 12.5mm radius corners – on any thickness of board

Drilled Holes:

We are happy to finish your boards with drilled holes of any size to make the onsite fitting process easier for you. Just tell us where and how big you want the holes and we will drill away.


Prints which are getting used indoors at exhibitions can be finished with hook & loop Velcro, it is an ideal way of quickly putting the print up and down and is secure and flush to the wall.

Double Sided Tape:

We are using this more and more now, we have a very durable double sided tape and clients are asking for boards to be finished with this on the back, ready for fitting onsite.

All the above are handy extras that we can do with your boards…the radius corners and drilled holes are FREE, the Velcro and double sided tape is priced on the volume you require.

More Information:

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